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Food Poisoning - Who Would Have Thought?

Everything is alright until it's not alright..

You’ve booked your dream holiday destination, you’ve packed up your bags and you’re on your way! The last thing you’re thinking about is food poisoning and spending days in bed unable to enjoy your well deserved break.

Unfortunate as it sounds, this happens to a lot of holidaymakers abroad. When you go out for your evening meal you’re putting your trust into a restaurant and the worst thing that you can think of is not liking the meal you ordered. Restaurants and hotels should comply with health regulation but there are times when food has been prepared in unhygienic environment or simply uncooked.

Nevertheless, there are precautions that you can take to minimise the risk of getting food poisoned such as:


1. Making sure you eat in restaurants that are
busy with local people


2. Use bottled or sterilised water, if you are
concerned about the safety of the local tap water.


3. Avoid ice unless you are sure it was
made from treated or chlorinated water.


4. Be careful with ordering shellfish and fish
as uncooked can become hazardous.

In the past 3 years there has been a rise of holiday sickness claims made due to food poisoning. At this stressful time all you and your close ones need is a dedicated claims manager who will look after you, help with reorganising your trips, cover medical bills, make you feel secure and protected when you most need it.

We have contacted one of our previous clients to put into perspective how getting food poisoning on holiday can make this hopeless process a little bit easier with a travel insurance.

David and his partner Tracey went on their dream motorcycle holiday to France which was turned upside-down when Tracey had food poisoning from eating uncooked shellfish. David not only had to take care of Tracey but he had to re-organise the trip. Luckily David had taken his Travel Insurance out with ViolaInsure who were able to help with the re-organisation of the trip through a dedicated claims manager.

Here is David's story:

"On the 17th September (2017) Tracey and I set of on our BMW K1600 GT motorcycle to tour through the Pyrenees and France. We sailed overnight to Santander Spain and set off towards France.

ViolaInsure Food Poisoning

Soulac sur Mer on the way to the restaurant

The journey through the mountains was amazing and after staying overnight in Pamplona and Bayonne we arrived in the lovely town of Soulac Sur Mer. Tracey was keen to try ‘proper’ French food and we enjoyed a wonderful meal in a very atmospheric French restaurant. That evening within an hour of enjoying a shellfish supper Tracey fell very ill. She had severe shellfish poisoning and the outcome was horrendous. It quickly became evident that there was no way that we could continue our journey until there was some improvement in Tracey’s condition.

ViolaInsure Food Poisoning

Glass of wine before the meal.

I contacted ViolaInsure and was greeted by a dedicated claims manager who took care of everything. She contacted the ferry company (Roscoff to Plymouth) to advise that we would not make our scheduled sailing. It was extremely comforting knowing that these details including advising our hotels that we would be changing our arrangements. This allowed me to take care of Tracey whilst ViolaInsure took care of us.

After seeing a doctor and being on some medication Tracey recovered sufficiently for us to continue our journey. She only fully recovered after several days.

I cannot thank ViolaInsure enough for providing such great support in our time of need. I think it’s worthy to note that Tracey’s condition had a greater effect on us due to being on a motorcycle than had we been in a car.”

ViolaInsure Food Poisoning

On the bike leaving Bayonne

If you’re planning your holiday or have already booked it, don’t find yourself wishing you bought travel insurance when everything turns 'not alright'.

Protect tomorrow by investing in today.

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Food Poisoning - Who Would Have Thought?
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